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Anil Tuktuk's Commitment ...

  • - Security: our drivers are trained and tested on our tuktuks
  • - On-time: your tuktuk will be on time for your reservations
  • - Availability: available daily for day and night tours
  • - Comfort: musical entertainment, refreshments, custom-fit heated fleece blankets for winter nights
  • - Rates: no surprises, our fixed prices never change
  • - Program: excursion with a guided tour and scenic photo stops
  • - The Smile: your driver will greet you with a smile to share with you a pleasant visit


The legislation is changing especially in terms of road safety. How do we safely drive a tuktuk? Information to know.

La flotte de tuktuk
Décret n°2010-1223

See Decree
n° 2010-1223
  • Each tuktuk must have a 2 and 3-wheel motor vehicle sticker mounted on the windshield of the tuktuk.
  • The driver must have a permit and be a 2 and 3-wheel motor vehicle LICENSED CARD HOLDER.
  • The tuktuk must have insurance to transport persons for compensation.
  • Our fleet of vehicles, newer than 4 years old, undergoes a technical inspection each year.
  • The company must have legal status recognized by the tourism professionals to operate passenger transportation: the status of LLCs.