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Anil Tuktuk's Commitment ...

  • - Security: our drivers are trained and tested on our tuktuks
  • - On-time: your tuktuk will be on time for your reservations
  • - Availability: available daily for day and night tours
  • - Comfort: musical entertainment, refreshments, custom-fit heated fleece blankets for winter nights
  • - Rates: no surprises, our fixed prices never change
  • - Program: excursion with a guided tour and scenic photo stops
  • - The Smile: your driver will greet you with a smile to share with you a pleasant visit


Whether its to communicate an original and innovative idea, to create a buzz around your brand, develop your reputation, or offer rides or tuktuk trips as a Works Council representative, we have the solution.

La flotte de tuktuk Our team is waiting for you.

Save on trips with our ticket books

As a business, committee, hotel or a receptive travel agency in France, do you want to propose or offer Tuk Tuk rides to your employees or your customers? Enjoy preferred rates at 3pm with our subscription ticket books! Valid for group rides or shuttles for your seminars.

Coupons are also available in a gift box for individual customers

Our offers:

  • Coupon for 1h - Price: 60 €

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  • Book of 2 hours - Price: 120 €

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  • Book of 3 hours - Price: 150 € instead of 180 € - validity 3 months

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  • Book of 5 hours - Price: 260 € instead of 300 € - Validity 3 months

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  • Book of 7 hours - Price: 370 € instead of 420 € - Validity 3 months

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  • Book of 9 hours + 1 hour offered - RATE: € 480 instead of 540 € - Validity 6 months
    Champagne offered for the first ride.

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  • Book 15 hours - Price: 820 € instead of 900 € - Validity 6 months

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  • Book of 20 hours - Price: 900 € instead of € 1200 - Validity 6 months

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  • Book of 30 hours - Price: € 1200 instead of 1800 € - Validity 6 months

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All our books are composed of one-hour coupons for use at will until the expiration date specified on each coupon. Each coupon is for one-time only use. Every hour started is billed.

Use of packages of hours: They are in the form of printable numbered coupons valid for a maximum of 6 months (see details in the General Conditions). The coupon or the number on the coupon must be presented to the driver. To use your coupon, please contact our reservations department at 33 +6 16 31 36 74.

Your tuktuk, marketing support

You are an advertiser wanting to advertise your message using our original and tuktuk, an original and mobile way to spread your message. With its unique, authentic design, the tuktuk leaves no one indifferent. You can personalize your colors, your logo, and locations. Our vehicles (a fleet of 3 seat and 6 seat tuktuks) circulate throughout Paris for extended visibility. Contact us for opportunities.

Show your advertising in all Paris for 19,99€ / a day. Ask for a quote.

Street Marketing

You have a message to deliver, or want to create an event to introduce a new product? Our team can distribute your samples,fliers or products by stocked tuktuks dressed with your brand logo and your custom colors.

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