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The Cosmopolitan Tour

Discover the different facets that enhance the diversity of Paris ...

Balade Internationale à Paris International tour in Paris

Au programme de la visite : les quartiers indien, africain, chinois, oriental et juif avec des arrêts prévus dans les boutiques et restaurants traditionnels.

The Jewish Quarter

Le rue des Rosiers is the main street of a traditionally Jewish neighborhood, whose Sephardic component is, however recent. It has plenty of shops, food stores, bookstores and restaurants. The street is famous for its falafel. Since the 1980s, luxury boutiques (clothing, perfumes, accessories) have moved to this street.

The Chinese Quarter

In the 13th arrondissement of Paris, within a relatively small area, this neighborhood has the largest Chinese community in Europe. Stroll through the triangle formed by the avenues of Choisy and Ivry for an extraordinary plunge in the heart of China! This former industrial area is populated by the Southeast Asian Chinese diaspora.
Add to this the delicious Asian food at bargain prices, supermarkets full of products, spices and plants from Asia, fashion boutiques or herbs, and most importantly, the smells that take you far from Paris ...
The area of interest lies not in buildings or architecture (a forest of towers) than in the scenes of everyday life and the authentic scenes that emerge in the morning; one can see women practicing Thai Chi Chuan in the square Baudricourt or attend rituals in the Buddhist temple of Teochew. Outside the Tang Frères supermarket, one often see monks in ochre-colored robes begging for alms.

The Indian Quarter

Little India is a veritable invitation to travel that will exhilarate all of your senses.
Upon arrival in the neighborhood, one feels immediately transported elsewhere. The colors of the windows are vivid, and supermarket shelves are full of vegetables imported from elsewhere. Taking a closer look, one discovers the window display trinkets: statues of Ganesh, Shiva or Vishnu ... There's something for everyone.

Duration 4h1,2 or 3 pers.
by tuktuk

Price: 235 € (price does not include entrance fees to museums).

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Jewish district
Indian district
Chinese district